Let your
talent burn

Not your money

The days of the
bean counters
Are numbered

The guts
Behind the glory


Welcome to a company that treats creative industries as the creative industries.

From bands to vloggers, from managers to promoters, publishers and everything in-between, our expertise extends across the whole entertainment ecosystem.

We do everything a music and entertainment Accountant should, from bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll, accounts, tax, royalty and tour accounting, company secretarial and registered office services to business advice and day to day business management.

But we do it our way.

With verve. With smarts. With an uncompromising passion for the work and the careers of our clients.

The Bigstar Way.

This is our approach.

Three reactions against nonsense in our industry. Three core tenets of our service. And three reasons to not have to put up with whalesong, filing cabinets and halitosis.

1. The Passion

Because first and foremost, this is what matters. Beyond cloud-based systems. Beyond the retainer model. We’re talking about actually giving a shit about our clients. And not just because it pays the bills. We do music and entertainment accountancy for a reason. Because we love music and entertainment. And that makes all the difference. So it’s never just a question of invoices and fees, but of us believing in what our clients do, and our clients believing that we can help them do it.

2. The Cloud

Death by paper no more. We store everything on the Cloud. We use synchronised software across our business so that the records of our clients are perfectly organised, perfectly searchable and aren’t destined to take up space in a dusty corner somewhere dull. In other words, if you see a filing cabinet in our office, you have our permission to give it a good kicking. Oh, and it means our clients have total transparency as to where their money is, and where it might be going.

3. The Retainer

You know when you’re scared to call your accountant because they’ll charge you through the nose for an answer you don’t understand anyway? Not with us. We only work on retainer. We want to be a lasting partner in our client’s career. So you pay what you pay. And we sort what you need sorting. It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.

Come and talk to us.